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The Fur trades associations have long been in agreement that the only safe and beneficial fur cleaning method is the “Furriers Method”. This process is and has been the standard for many years. It consists of a several step process that removes soil from the hairs, adds oil to the skin and weatherproofs the outer hair. Our company uses the furriers method with modern environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.

Before cleaning, the lining is inspected and treated with a cleaning agent to remove soil, makeup and perspiration. Crushed corncob is the medium, laced with chemicals, used to clean and glaze the fur. Dirt is pulled out of the hairs, lubrication is transferred to the skin to make it soft and pliable and a weatherproofing agent is applied to the outer guard hairs to repel dirt and to give the fur surface a shiny brilliant look and feel. In the finishing process the fur and lining is inspected for rips and tears, the lining is ironed and the fur is placed in storage.


Florida Fur and Leather uses the Kirk’s Suede-Life process for cleaning suede and leather garments. Kirk’s system is called the Clean and Green system because only environmentally friendly chemicals are used in a wet-clean process. Most leather garments are pre-spotted to soften specific stains such as dirty collar and cuffs. The garments are washed in a specially designed washer with chemical additives to clean, soften and protect the leather. After slow drying the garments are tumbled and pressed or steam finished.

Most garments require dying and repainting of the surface to hide set-in stains and flaws. The item is inspected for minor flaws before being returned to the customer in an as-new condition. Many manufacturing companies recommend the Suede-Life cleaning process on their care label including St. John’s Bay, Arizona and Eddie Bauer.



Florida Fur & Leather is # 1 in our book. We have been using Florida Fur for many years and the quality and care is beyond compare. From restoring Gucci purses to cleaning fur coats, Florida Fur is far above all others. We love the one to one customer service that we receive from the owner to his courteous staff. We always recommend Florida Fur to all that need to have their leather goods or furs repaired, cleaned or restored.

Greg Sacino, Sacino’s Fine Dry Cleaning and Restoration dba/CRDN of Greater Tampa Bay

Just wanted to take a little time to reflect the ongoing relationship that Rogers dry cleaning and garment restoration has had over the years with Florida fur & Leather. Florida fur & Leather has always met or has exceeded our expectation’s time and again, this is due in no small part to their years of experience and knowledge and continued training in the leather and fur industry. Thanks for all of the years of great service!

Ron Carver, Operations Manager, Rogers Dry Cleaners

I brought my battered light leather riding jacket in to Florida Fur and Leather and they restored my jacket to better than new! It is softer and more comfortable than it was and I couldn't be happier. They even fixed a zipper that was starting to separate from the liner because they were looking for anything that might be trouble down the road. The images are showing right below my testimonial. Thanks Tom and the whole gang!

Dean F., Owner, Design Signature Maps

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